Again Death
2017-01-23 - 12:35 p.m.

I dreamt I died.

It was an easy turn. One I've made a hundred times or more, but one I'd always made with some wariness. Each time I made the turn, I'd note my success and consider myself a good driver because of it.

The road was white tile, and our cars were file box lids. The security of tires gripping a road was completely absent. Instead, our cars slid around, almost freely. The turn had only a small lip on the edge. This was all that prevented you from plummeting over a hundred feet below... to your death.

I remember preparing to make the turn and knowing my speed was risky but doable. I had done it before, so I could do it again... but this time, the lip was gone. There was nothing to stop me. I shot off the edge, as if it spit me out. I noted, as time slowed, that the edge was well beyond my reach, that falling and death were a certainty.

I looked down and saw the construction below. A maze of street barriers marked my landing spot. I had only two initial thoughts. The first was an apology to my husband. I was sorry that we had our whole lives ahead and I had to ruin it like this. I was sorry I could no longer be with him. I was sorry for all the pain my loss would cause. The second was that my death was sure to be instant.

I closed my eyes and had a moment of terrified excitement. This was the end, but all my questions about life were soon to be answered. It was if the inevitability of my situation didn't allow for screaming or fear. I was only sad for what I was about to lose and excited for what I was about to learn.

When I hit the ground, I didn't feel pain. It was almost pins and needles, a tingling sensation, followed by the feeling of me slowly sinking and being swallowed up by the earth itself. I opened my eyes and will surrounded by completely darkness... And then I woke up.

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